AuthorKatrana Dumu-loc

The Laricum-Ohtamion was penned by Katrana Dumu-loc. The book is very thick and weighs 40lbs. It is covered in vrock hide and has a seam of beaten arjale. The sheets of the book are made from the skins of succubus. The book is warded and protected with deadly magic. Terrible wards of life draining and necromantic magic are inscribed on the cover of the Laricum-Ohtamion.

A random calamity will occur each full moon the book is in possession of a creature. The book has never been opened, but the city of Collossapolos suffered a minor earthquake when Zaris of Crimson Eye took the book from the catacombs of Bone. Zaris possessed this book for a time until her unfortunate demise on an expedition to the Abyss. The current location of the book is unknown.

Laricum-Ohtamion is rumored to be warded with powerful necromantic spells.

Random Calamity

  1. hailstorm covering a 1 mile square area
  2. acid rain affecting a 1/2 mile radius - causing 1hp/hour, and destruction to finished stone, wood, and life forms, it lasts 1-4 hours
  3. tremor - an earthquake shakes all in the area of effect. Chances of falling into a crevice and slain are 1 in 20 - it has an area of effect equal to 100' radius. Destruction to building and earthworks is minor but noticeable, structural points are reduced by 10%.
  4. heavy rains lasting 2-8 hours; possibly swelling rivers and waterways - covers an area 5 miles in diameter
  5. random monsters appear from nowhere attacking all creatures in sight, equal to a random monster summoning spell every round for 1 turn
  6. 1-4 shadows and 1-2 giant shadow appear and attack the owner of the book

The only things known about the book are information on the creation of watch ghosts and dracoliches. The book is sure to contain an array of powerful spells and possibly names to creatures of the nether realms.