Clutch of Orat-Ghorn

SmithGarn Othrannas
EnchanterKatrana Dumu-Loc

The Clutch of Orat-Ghorn is a torc made of red gold and inset with a 20,000 gp black diamond. It was forged when Garn Othrannas was still a mortal. He with the aid of another member of Black Banner convinced one of their sentient blades to give up one of its captured souls for use in empowering a necklace.

When it was plundered from the Crypt of Multhad the soul-sucking blade Sarquiness had hundreds of souls in her reservoir. She probably had thousands more when she was secured in the ancient crypt with its maniacal master. I was to learn from Katrana, that Sarquiness like all soul-sucking sentient items and creatures have to periodically feast on the souls they have taken, or else go insane. If they do go insane, they often drive their possessor insane or make them commit acts without caution. Sarquiness fed on many souls while in the hands of Carni Tir, so it seemed willing to give up something for the promise of a great many souls in the coming war. I was to learn later that Sarquiness gesture of good will was part of a diabolical scheme to take us further down the road of darkness and greatness.

- Garn, excerpt from his book - "When of the Living"

The sentient blade Sarquiness released the soul of a life force devouring and necromantic spell-casting monster called a Daughter of Krak-Oth. The soul of this ancient beast was destroyed in the process of making the torc, but some of the most powerful traits of the monster were captured for enchanting. Katrana saw fit to honor the soul, probably in wicked delight given her nature, by naming the item after the soul taken by Sarquiness and then destroyed by Katrana. She named it the Clutch of Orat-Ghorn.

Daughter's Buckler +3 natural AC, 20% displacementcontinuous
Hand of Orat-Ghornrandom necromantic spell becomes available to the wearer - requires a soul1/day
Last Kisstouching the black diamond to a dying creature (-1 hp or worse) will drain their soul into the torc (Fortidue DC25 to avoid). If successful, the wearer of the torc must make a Fortitude DC12 save or be permanently drained of 1 pt of comeliness. The wearer must also immediately choose to either destroy the soul or store it. If the soul is destroyed, then the wearer gains half of the target's normal full hit points. These extra hit points last for 1 hour. If the soul is stored, it can be used to cast the power Hand of Orat-Ghorn. Stored souls cannot be destroyed later to gain temporary hit points. continuous