Gholíms Deck

CategoryStructures (Schools)

In the Horgon Era, stone giants built a mead hall in this area. It grew in size with word spreading of good drink, gambling, and good times. The stone giants kept the peace, making the area a neutral ground once you entered Grielfand's caldera. The mead hall was a simple affair, making enough to keep the peace and pay the staff. The most interesting feature of the place were its drinking tables. Each made from ancient pieces of gnarled and burned wood, they came from a sunken hulk at the bottom of lake Droorlow. It is an unusual and alien wood with the ability to slowly regenerate even when cut from its source. To the owners of the mead hall, good stuff for often rowdy crowds.

The sunken hulk was the Gholím. In the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE), under the Six-Fingered Flag of Graz'zt, it patrolled the rivers Ezdynn and Mern.

When Ba'lith took over the area in the Third Epoch, the mead hall was a ruin. Under rubble, tables that had seen centuries of spilled drinks, were found intact. They became chow hall tables for Ba'lith's newly founded naval academy. The famed mead hall of the stone giants was honored, the academy taking the name Gholíms Deck.

As a naval academy, Gholíms Deck trains students in the workings of skyships and voidships.