Avalas War Call

Looking for war, the easier way off Avalas
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The seemingly never-ending conflicts on Avalas, and on the other world's of the Acheron system are the result of the Avalas War Call. This phenomenon draws in battle participants from other worlds. They come in small units and even large armies, transported across the void to Acheron's battle world Avalas. On an alien world, they find their weapons and armor gone, naked to the elements and roving hostiles. In a land littered with battlefields, new war implements are easy to find. The armies appearing with the Avalas War Call remain only a while, some lucky to be stranded on an alien world for a few weeks or months, others remaining for years or permanently if they so choose. It is often said those that seek conflict quickly and brutally have a better chance of returning from whence they came.

Early in the Lith-Crillion, one learned of the potential of the Avalas War Call, using those that came through to spread his influence to the Mortal Systems. The first to do this was the demon lord Orcus. He wanted what the Higher Powers had, greater might and notoriety, and most importantly to be worshiped for his greatness. On Avalas, shrines and other places of worship served as training camps for his proselytizers. When it was learned of Orcus's success, others got in on the game of inserting their own proselytizers into visiting armies. The end goal, to spread the word of their patron to the Mortal Systems, the source of divine power to make one a Higher Power.

The chances of one's unit or army getting pulled to Avalas are slim. The Avalas War Call requires a battle starting during a random time frame of each day. The next factor is that this happens on a random world. The vastness of Nawirrûs, the universe of worlds and stars outside of Chaos, is such that alien units and armies are always appearing and disappearing somewhere on Avalas. Some may decide to wait it out. They soon find that their neutrality to Avala's affairs, or inaction and avoidance of conflict, only makes their stay longer. Some cut their own path, staying on Avalas to create their own empire, others find themselves embroiled in the world's religious wars between those answering Higher Powers or those aspiring to godhood.

In the Lith-Crillion Era, the Avalas War Call was manipulated, its random element of time became fixed. This was done to give a particular army a better chance of reaching Avalas. All they had to do was start a battle at a particular time and leave it up to chance for the Avalas War Call to tune to their world. In 272 LE, Maglubiyet, the future god of the goblins, head of an army numbering close to twenty thousand, found itself pulled from the world of Kriav. The fixing of the time was done with a deal between Graz'zt and Chronos. In exchange for the Master of Time's help, Graz'zt turned over his favorite succubus harem. For his part, Chronos changed the Avalas War Call from random time and random world, to just random world. All Maglubiyet had to do was start a battle at a set time, and wait for chance to reach them. It took fifteen battles and two years,

The battle was fought, and we won. The skies lit up with lightning and a deep fog arose from the blood-soaked ground. The sound of battle echoed from ahead. Maglubiyet ordered his legions forward, entering the war-torn lands of Avalas.

- Marz Bulfish, 18th Chronicler to Maglubiyet - "Into Battlfields Eternal"

Once Maglubiyet was on Avalas, Chronos released his grip over the Avalas War Call. These actions did not go unnoticed. Chronos was put on notice, the Hall of Edicts warning him that his chances of becoming a Higher Power would be made harder if he continued to interfere in aspects of time that have the potential to affect so many.