Operation Birthplace

PeriodGod Era

When Lukoon became head of the CIB, the Covenant's intelligence apparatus, he began a secret operation to find out about where he was born. He wanted to know the system that he and many others started on. He could describe a small part of the world he began on, its moon and stars. With this knowledge, and the even better star maps of today, nothing would match. Now, thousands of years later, head of an intelligence apparatus with resources spread across a dozen systems and their worlds, he had the resources to look into the matter.

Codenamed Birthplace, this operation was risky. The All-Father, his dad, had told him many times that some secrets are best left secret. It had the under-currents of a warning not to interfere in his business. Lukoon decided to test his dad, better known to many as the Arch-Creationist Bruh Kreniik, seeing what he could learn of the system that he and many others were born under. The first thing learned was that it was a testbed for the works of Creation. Before its corruption, it was like Piranoths Steps, a place to accelerate the natural development of a world and its lifeforms.

The most interesting find of this operation was the remnants of a burnt note. Written in Draconic, it eludes to a time before, what today is better known as the Lost Ages.

The evolutionary aspects of the distant age are too slow to rebuild it all over again. I think I will follow Piranoth's advice and use warp matter, the stuff that ended it all the first time around.

- Bruh Kreniik, from a partially burned note - "Rebuilding"

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