Threads of Damnation

AliasCreeping Blackness
CreatedDawn Era

In the first year of the Dawn Era, a primordial with the powers of creation, centuries before the term Creationist came into usage, began forming worlds out of the energy and matter floating aimlessly about Chaos. It is said that Piranoth rushed his work, creating so many worlds that corruption seeped in. One theory is that someone took affront to what he was doing, poisoning his work. Perhaps there was truth behind this, because many of the Primordial Lords of this time were adherents to the Primordial Mandate. The die-hards viewed Piranoth a rebel, his works of Creation made order out of chaos, giving permanence to Negative Entropy.

Piranoth's first world, the Step of Foundation, seems to have been the root of the corruption that came. This world had many rifts. It served as a hub for shuttling energies and matter from Chaos to the vast system of stars and worlds that would become known as Piranoths Steps.

The Hirstyr Signir monolith has writing on it that say over thousands of years, the Step of Foundation absorbed corrupting energy, including baleful life forces that in the normal course of existence perished across Piranoth's worlds. This dark energy sunk to the first world, coalesced, and then reversed course, spreading outward along the rifts like tendrils of corrupting darkness. These tendrils were evil energies that fused with the chaotic energies of Chaos, something termed by Bruh Kreniik as the Threads of Damnation. Eventually, these "threads" worked their way outward from the Step of Foundation and then across all the worlds of Piranoths Steps.

The Threads of Damnation created the demons that are so prevalent across what today is called the Abyss. Most came about from chaos aberrations created by Piranoth to serve as soldiers of Chaos, minions for the armies of the Primordial Lords then engaged in the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE). The Threads of Damnation, turning multitudes into demons, also created leaders. They became the Demon Lords, evil masters looking to stake a claim. They rose up against the primordials in the Abyssal Release (7777 DE - 8777 DE). Piranoth is often blamed for the primordial's defeat, his carelessness with Creation created the Threads of Damnation, and an entire system overrun by beings driven by hatred and destruction.