CategoryCrack Units
HeadquartersGaff Point
Symbolturtle with the "Palm of Atlas" on the shell

These small groups of elite mercenaries are part of the Braca-Hloth. Sôldanguk also go by the name of Turtle Platoon. The unit is comprised of twenty giff donned in heavy armor. They bear large shields, which are forged to interlock with the shields of other unit members. When in Turtle Formation, the unit is practically invincible to normal missile fire. A Sôldanguk unit with Elem-Guard armor would be one of more dangerous groups on a battlefield. Musketeers sometimes accompany these units. This combined arms groups is very potent, deadly at both short and long range combat. Sôldanguk affords great protection and typically serve as the spearhead and shock troops of armies.

Standard Sôldanguk Unit
  • 17 Hammerbackers
  • 2 Flanker Sergeants
  • 1 Shell Captain