Mizzen - Athoreon

Mizzen is a unusual freshwater sea at the heart of the region Izagunbar. It is fed by the many rivers and streams which cascade down the Elephant Backbone. The southern watershed of the this area is the wetland Nelthack. Going north, the fresh waters of this inland sea form the headwaters of the Mêzel river.

This ocean has a lighter blue color near the center with tendrils sprouting outward and then mixing with the surrounding waters. This anomaly comes from the essence of the dead creationist Mêzelurûs. In the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE), the Obyrith Lord Dagon sought to carve out sector Athoreon as his own piece of Bal-Kriav real estate. The creationist Mêzelurûs opposed him. The two battled in this ocean while their armies battled in and around it. Mêzelurûs underestimated the power of the Obyrith Lord and was defeated. Rather than have her soul devoured by Dagon's Cairn Scythe, she released all of her nature energy into the surrounding waters. This caused the ocean and the area around it to be bolstered; resulting in an increased size for all creatures of animal intelligence and plants that live in the ocean and into the jungle Zendanul that surrounds it.

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