Gaff of Rugerd

CategoryRods, Staffs, Wands
Typegaff, unique

On 14 Bloom 1400, the Steller Behemoth, a Giff Avenger class ship, was attacked by a neogi Spawn class carrier. The Steller Behemoth held her ground for an hour against the fury and wave attacks of the neogi carrier. The valor of the giff crew was great, but one shined the most. After nearly everyone else was either killed, charmed, or incapacitated, a giff cook named Rugerd held a passage to the ship's kitchen. He fought off four waves of neogi wielding a simple gaff hook. It is said that the neogi had to form a team to focus on removing the dead neogi so others could reach the stalwart defender. Rugerd was finally overwhelmed and torn apart by a swarm thirsting for sustenance after such an epic fight.

Two centuries later, a Spirachiln arrowing class vessel found a derelict vessel floating adrift in the blackness of the Void. This vessel was the Steller Behemoth. The only thing their magic detection found was a simple gaff. This item radiated strong magic for something so nondescript. Further magic learned the legend of Rugerd and that years later the god Atlas bestowed magic upon it to honor Rugerd's heroism.

The Gaff of Rugerd is a +3 gaff hook with the properties of a Defender weapon. It is 7' long with one broken end and a bronze hook at the opposite. A score of 4+ on the "to-hit" roll requires the opponent to save vs. petrification or be stunned for 1-4 rounds.

Defending as the weapon special abilitycontinuous
Stun opponent must make a Fortitude DC10 (+1 per point over the needed to hit) or be stunned for 1-4 melee rounds5/day
Until the End function to -10 hit pointscontinuous