Shield of Thular-Tûr

CategoryArtifacts, Shields
Typeartifact, minor
ForgeDališar Cauldron
EnchanterNaraz-Nâru, Atlas
LocationSyrtis Blackclaw

The Shield of Thular-Tûr is made of iron and ornately crafted with a gatehouse on the enemy-facing side. The Urkuzîr crest is emblazoned on the inside. It is a +5 rectangular shield with a storied past.

The Shield of Thular-Tûr is named for the Tragaran ruin Thular-Tûr. In the Conclave War, the Siege of Thular-Tûr was one of the toughest battles fought between the khazarkars and the Tragarans. It also was the starting point for what became known as the Gulimbor Cataclysm (996 - 1203). This shield was used by the Lord Sentinel of Thular-Tûr.

In the looting that followed the fall of Thular-Tûr, the shield was taken as booty by a high-ranking soldier of the Urkuzîrs. The shield has been handed down through the family for many generations. It has been destroyed a dozen times, reforged from the pieces, and re-enchanted no less than ten times. As a result of the families passion for the item, and not changing the basic appearance, and thereby honoring the original forgers, the item was supposedly blessed by Atlas. During one of the times it was being re-magicked, the god Atlas replaced the old shield with an exact replica. The replica is an ancient shield forged by Naraz-Nâru. Though it is now an artifact, it is still called the Shield of Thular-Tûr.

The Shield of Thular-Tûr is part of a group of artifacts that when brought together become a legendary artifact called Sig Mak Gan.

Thular-Tûr Defense when performing full defense, and not attacking for the entire combat round, it provides concealment as dense foliage (30% miss)full defense
Sentinel's Deflection any missile attack, or spell rebounds on the attacker, this lasts two rounds3/day
Heal as the spell, works only on the bearer of the shield 1/day
Feather Fall when grasped and ordered continuous
Urkuzîr Renown +5 Diplomacy check when dealing with khazarkars continuous
Cataclysm Stain bearer of the shield suffers -2 on saves vs all magical effects continuous