RegionIzagunbar, Enjof

Nedullu is a deep seawater lake of eastern Izagunbar. On 7 War March 2002 DE, the side of Mount Graer collapsed. This was the start of the Graer Breach, where sea waters flooded the then active volcano. It put out the lava flows, submerged a rift, and then went on to flood a quarter of the Underdark region Enjof. At the time, Nedullu was a very deep depression. Over the days that followed, it continued to fill with sea water; ending when it reached equilibrium with the Pearl Sea.

In the Lith-Crillion Era, a great battle was fought in this area. In the Battle of Nedullu, the then mortal Atlas, one again faced off against the Lith-Crillion. He was grievously wounded, falling backward into the lake the battle was named for. Sinking its teeth into his shoulder, a dragon under the influence of the Lith-Crillion pulled him deeper into the lake. In the deeps, this dragon finished off Atlas. His last struggle was him strangling the attacker while his own life ebbed away. On the surface, the battle raged another day, with the Lith-Crillion finally falling back. Word spread of Atlas's death, across regions distant and near, monuments were raised to him, shrines glorified. His influence, the beginnings of his divine power, were such that a year after his death, he was resurrected by a group of storm giant shamans. Instead of rising alongside them as a fellow mortal, he rose up as a Higher Power on the world Heddvidi. Back on the world Bal-Kriav, in the lake where he died, his rise to godhood changed the water's properties. Jakorek's storm giants learned that the lake's salty water was useful for making magical strength elixirs. In the Second Epoch, the area's storm giants advanced upon the already powerful Godhead elixir. They added in the Waters of Nedullu, and other mysteries, resulting in powerful elixir named in reverence to one who died here, calling it Atlas Might.

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