MapGelakgizal Mountains

Gelakgizal is a long mountain range bordering the Sands of Hell. The mountains begin at Klo'nah Lomok and ends at Hullbreaker Bay. These mountains are the only barrier keeping the desert from covering the verdant lands to the west.

Gelakgizal is home to thousands of goblin tribes constantly in conflict with each other. Their wars, often called the Culling Wars, are often over resources, too many mouths to feed. It was a very old problem, dating to the Age of Creation when Tita'gob made a particular group of goblins more fertile than the others. Ever since then, other goblin peoples have referred to them as the Brood-kin, a people that in time will cause friction and usually bring on conflict over resources.

In the First Bughor War, dozens of Brood-kin tribes sent their "excess" to the armies of the Rethmorg. Normally considered an enemy, they saw this as a chance to cull their own numbers, and hopefully help bring down the Kingdom of Rethmorg.

Notable Areas