Sagren - Mirtheon

The Sagren hill are west of lake Boraresh. They are sometimes referred to as the Red Foot Hills; thus named for the area's red soil which stains the soles of footwear or one's feet. The goblin tribes of this area, shunning footwear, are collectively known as the "Redfoots". These goblins live in a vast network of tunnels and warrens. When it suits them, they pay tribute to the Orchish Empire. In times of conflict, the Orchish Empire seeks them out in the thousands. Many of these mercenaries are destined for sapper units or other digging projects; they have proven unreliable in formations.

The area's rolling hills are dotted with tunnel openings. Some of these descend into sector Kazgon of the Underdark region Imgangreth. The most well-known of these is the Naruzûd Passage. The first major stop along this surface-to-Underdark road is the vassal city-state Brogtrun. Raiders from this city often make forays into Sagren, capturing slaves, or taking the much more riskier path of plundering the goblin's warrens.

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