Hambrimoth - Taurelin
RegionHigh Wood Country

The rugged hills of Hambrimoth are sited in the southern reaches of Taurelin. Twenty to thirty miles wide, they follow the western edge of lake Lethiel into the burning lands of Olwerch.

Hambrimoth's most populous people are its goblins. They have been in this area since the Lith-Crillion Era. In that age, they were a slave army serving under an eldritch confessor named Jofgror Odving. Like other of his ilk, the Thraedli, he came looking for Lith-Crillion technology. From fey prisoners, Jofgror learned of a powerful energy at the heart of the Taurquion Forest; leading to his ill-fated expedition into the Pyramid of Nature. Never returning, Jofgror's slave army was left to making their own way in the hills of Hambrimoth. Since then, in an area bordered by rivers to the south and west, a lake to the east, a swamp to the north, countless tunnels, nobody has had the meddle to unseat Hambrimoth's petty goblin kings.

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