RegionHigh Wood Country

The rugged hills of Hambrimoth are sited in the southern reaches of Taurelin. They are bordered to the east by lake Lethiel, south by the burned-out forest Olwerch, and north by the dragon infested wetlands of Tulandur. Hambrimoth hills are heavily entrenched with tunnels, dug-outs, and trenches. These fortifications were put in place in the Second Epoch when Fargimdal began threatening the area with heavy cannons.

Hambrimoth's most populous group are goblins with a history dating back to the Lith-Crillion Era. In that time, the goblins were a slave soldier army serving under the Thraedli. They were brought here by the eldritch confessor Jofgror Odving. Like many others like him, he came to Taurelin in search of Lith-Crillion technology. Jofgror Odving learned from prisoner interrogation of whatever they came cross, that a powerful heart beat in the deeps of Taurquion. This turned out to be Odving's ill-fated expedition to the Pyramid of Nature. The group never returned from this expedition, leaving the goblins at the Hambrimoth camp to make it on their own. These goblins remained in the area, taking command of the hills and surrounding area for fifty miles in all directions. They began losing this territory in the First Epoch with the encroachment of the Angrods from the north and the dwarves pushing east from the Clans. They also have to contend with a Vith Alok cell in the northern marshes.

Hambrimoth is home to a sizable population of earth giants. These are descendants of four earth giant tribes, defeated in the Horgon Era, by the goblins. The goblins were not the aggressors, and in fact usually are not such. They are usually drawn into conflict by the dwarves wanting to get at the elves, and vice-versa, or forced to make punitive expeditions against Heresselin as a counter to theegan raiding.

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