Hangath Archer

CategoryClass Tactics
Typeclass tactic

Named for the goblin archers of Hangath, this class tactic focuses on skirmishing with a bow. The goblins of Hangath did not invent this tactic, but learned it from suffering under the crossbow using dwarves of Gimhak. They say that the dwarves were so adept at moving and firing their weapons that they often could not be fairly engaged in open spaces. Using this tactic the first king and founder of Gimhak slew nine hill giants with them never getting in one hit on him.

Point Blank Shotfeat+1 to attack and damage on targets up to 30'
Dodgefeat+1 to AC versus one opponent
Mobilityfeat+4 dodge bonus to AC versus attacks of opportunity. This dodge bonus stacks with other dodge bonuses (such as dwarf versus a giant).
Shot on the Runfeatmove, attack, and move on the same round not exceeding your total movement
Hangath Archersynergyget the Run feat for free, if you already have it, then replace it with another feat, Dodge bonus increase to +2 to AC and applies to two opponents, Point Blank Shot increases to +2 to attack and damage on targets up to 60'