Maul Seekers

Nirzanâth Zagar
TypeAdventuring Groups

In the Chaos War, the Maul Seekers were groups employed by the Khazarkar Empire to find parts of an artifact that could be used to destroy the Entropy Arch at Sapthiladân. They were assigned their tasks by vetted agents of the Tarkazgir, who in turn reported to the Pharzîmrâth.

The teams that made up the Maul Seekers were codenamed after a city, personage or fortress from which they originated. Overall, the Maul Seekers had dangerous jobs with objectives deep into hostile places. Perhaps worse, they had bounties on their heads by the Eldritch Conclave. This old enemy of the Pharzîmrâth sought to keep the Entropy Arch open, weakening the Khazarkar Empire to a point where they could topple the government and re-establish the magocracy of old.

Some of the Maul Seeker groups:

Maul Seeker Groups