Netheram Frost Giant
RegionIce Cap

Netheram is a mountain range in the far eastern reaches of Ice Cap. Its snow covered peaks are honeycombed with ancient giant-sized fortifications. Some of the bastions cover the entrances to vast underground complexes holding gold, adamantine, and gemstone mines. There are 42 keeps and castles in the mountains. Those that are not in ruins, are probably the hold of some frost giant jarl or other group. The fortifications of Netheram were begun in the Dawn Era. They were built by frost giant laborers on the orders of their primordial master Thyrm. When Thyrm was captured by the Golden Seven, the frost giants continued to follow the blueprints of what their master set out to build, a network of castles and linked underground complexes covering an entire mountain range.

The frost giants never questioned why they were building this, even though their master had long since disappeared, for they knew that to question him would bring a terrible death and shame on their families, so they continued to do his bidding. This went on for seven centuries, until the loss of Thyrms Blueprints. The blueprints, a relic of the god Thyrm, were stolen by the Azwyr Amoruk. Some theorize that Arakkhalgam was conceived from possession of Thyrms Blueprints, or perhaps it was curse on any who held them, to build unthinkably large and impractical things.

- Gilak-Zarâg, historian of Azudushmanam, "Curse of Thyrms Blueprints"

The valley that runs up the center of Netheram is called Gunmar. Part of this valley never gets rainfall, snow or sees sunlight. This is because hovering above it is an enormous floating island called Krarkauk.

The most dominant people of Netheram are the frost giants. They have dwelled here since coming to this world long ago as a primordial invasion force of Thyrm. Most of the frost giants of Bal-Kriav have bloodlines to those frost giants still dwelling in this area.