The Frozen Titan

LocationFihrgrell Cap
BornDawn Era

At the head of the Moredhel Valley is an natural glacier called the Fihrgrell Cap. At the heart of a frozen cavity is a coldness beyond what is normal for the world around it. The source of this is The Frozen Titan. In the Abyssal Release (7777 DE - 8777 DE), this primordial dreadnought was brought down by a demon army. This was the second army that went against him, the first was frozen solid then shattered into bloody ice shards. After stunning the primordial, the demons went to work lobotomizing him. Like miners looking for ore, this was done by cutting holes in a head of solid ice. It took weeks, resulting in the Frozen Titan's mind becoming equivalent to that of a vegetable, something that lived, but with no awareness. This was the best the demons could do against it. The work of just getting to something they could damage resulted in the deaths of hundreds of the so-called demon brain miners.

In the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE), a power source was needed to cap one of the rifts on Bal-Kriav. Forgotten and abandoned by the demons, Thyrm sought out The Frozen Titan to do just that. How he got the enormous primordial to Bal-Kriav has never been revealed. Once in the area of what became known as the Fihrgrell Cap, Thyrm slid the body of The Frozen Titan over the Moredhel-Fihrgrell Rift. This stoppered the rift, freezing the seawater as it passed along The Frozen Titan's body.