Elemantum is a northern continent of Midrêth. The northern part of Elemantum is home to the Nithians of the Tamlêrran Empire. The continent's south reaches is a dichotomy, one a landscape of fire, the other ice. These two regions are a product of two Nithian mages, brother and sister, their competitive rilvarly, and their two artifacts, the Pumice Throne and the Glacial Throne. When these artifacts were powered up, they caused great upheavals in the land, opening rifts to the faraway worlds Muspelheim and Fimbulwinter. Fire giants, frost giants, Thrallrir, fire archons and hordes of fiery and icy brutes came through these rifts, waging war upon each other. This Thrones War (751 - present) has been going on for over a thousand years.

Regions of Elemantum
SurfaceSubterranean Tier 1

In 1802, a group of heroes by the name of Crimson Eye went into the southern elemental regions of this continent.

To this day, I cannot remember why we entered Phaze Keep. Drog'paagol had hinted at the wonders and loot that could be found on Elemantum. Perhaps it was just that, Crimson Eye's insatiable greed for loot and adventure. We entered Phaze Keep, and in a blink of an eye, we were in the icy wastes of Igas.

Looking out the tall and slender towers, we looked upon a land of fire and ice. Arch-enemies faced each other across a great fissure. Siege lines extended as far as the eye could see. There were skirmishes between giants, elementals, and flying beasts all along the line. One side was a land of fire, brimstone, volcanoes, and flowing lava. The other an icy expanse of glaciers, blizzards and constantly shifting ice.

Therein we faced mighty armies, crossed endless siege lines and fortifications, fought untold horrors, and claimed wondrous riches. We laid low, the mightiest of fire giants, several great wyrms, undead hordes, and countless underlings of the Cinderfall.

If we only had more time, the whole region would now be under Crimson Eye control! Alas, the adventure was not without its losses, the magnificent death knight Nox, a pinnacle of might, laid low by the Cinderfall champion, the indomitable Sorenass the Slaughterer.

There was also Nequine the Brave, member of the group since our time in Penal Battalion 321. Foolishly he ventured away from the band to fight a cambion. He quickly met the embrace of cold earth. All we saw and heard were the thunderous bolts of lightning streaking from his adversary's deadly bow.

Then some fools in the group attempted to stand ground against an entire fire giant garrison. We lost many hill giant "drones" in this fight. The fearsome Terriberax, a hill giant rescued from Citho-Cûr, also fell to the attackers. We made a fighting retreat, leaving many friends to die alone in their last gasps of life, food for our foe's many hell hounds.

There was also Stone Eater. A mighty stone giant which brought down a tree that withstood the full wrecking power of Crimson Eye. Not even an army could take the damage we dealt to this beast. Thereafter, we called this hero, the Slayer of the Tree God. How he later died, I cannot recall, but he will be missed.

Lastly, there was Admiral Hammer Head, rescued from the terrors of alien infestation at Citho-Cûr. His bravado was even too much for me to take. His death is on him, better to not carry enough explosive ordinance to outfit a artillery battery. A slide trap into lava sent him to the arms of Atlas.

- Junkel, excerpt from personal journal - "Toast to Lost Brothers"