RegionHigh Wood Country

Timinórë is a frigid valley encased by jagged icy peaks. Behind mountains devoid of roads and rarely used passes, is an icy wasteland buffeted by storms and blizzards. It is so unnaturally cold here that death meets most that enter this area. A blue-white frozen lake covers most the valley. Sometimes, a enormous giant can be seen under this ice. The elders of Einglach say this is Malirthrak, son of Thyrm. As was his right, he challenged his father for the right to rule. Defeated in this area, the corpse was cast into the lake by his father at which point the alpine lake froze solid. Thereafter, the valley became perpetually swept by chilling winds and blizzards. The winds that escape Timinórë, called Malirthraks Wail, blow into Feyrise and beyond.

Timinórë is home to ice trolls, winter wolves, yeti, and other icy brutes. No giants live here. They see the area too personal to Thyrm, one that brings doom upon those who dare change it too much.

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