Typederived from Nidurrâb

Langurâpha is a widely spoken language. It is an alien tongue, brought to Bal-Kriav by the Durkoth. When they came to Bal-Kriav, the Durkoth brought slaves from three races. These races also spoke their master's language. They probably at one time or another spoke another language, but this was lost after generations of servitude to the Durkoth.

Races that have Langurâpha as their first language are the Jara, Dromite, Theegan, and the Sussgurd.

Elderaunts also speak Langurâpha. When they were under the yoke of the Hydrocur, they were taught Aquan. They learned Langurâpha much later when they rebelled against them and captured some of their former slave masters. Many of the place names of the elderaunts are Langurâpha words.