Torc of Maen Grirngrim

CategoryArtifacts, Jewlelry
ForgeSoul Prison
SmithMaen Grirngrim
EnchanterMaen Grirngrim
LocationKrak-Oth, Neld-Rac, Rioch Tetrax

There are three Torcs of Maen Grirngrim. Crafted by the one they are named after, their purpose was to absorb the power of the wearer upon their demise. This could then be used to revive the wearer at a later time by transferring their essence into a clone or magical device, giving it sentience. Somewhere along the line of many past users, these items were corrupted allowing the wearer to use the knowledge of the previous owners and some of their former powers.

The torcs are made of a substance that wavers in and out of reality - just like the material used in the Helas Vessels. The centerpiece of each torc is an orb holding a bit of its maker. When Maen Grirngrim was killed by the Golden Seven, a part of him went into each of these torcs.

The Torc Wars were waged for possession of these three artifacts. The Horgon Empire (159 HE - 537 HE) , established as a confederacy by the torc owners, was a joint way of protecting these so-called Saints of Maen. With the help of their torcs, these three Durkoth saints, Krak-Oth, Neld-Rac, and Rioch Tetrax, eventually became Highers Powers. Their torc interfered with the Asenscion, leaving a mark on each. They were stripped of blood and life energy, two turned into undead and one becoming a Shade.

Immortalityimmune to disease, poison, does not agecontinuous
Soulboundcannot be removed without killing the wearercontinuous
Soul Storageupon death, stores the wearer's soul1 / year
Soul Harvestcan tap into the knowledge of the former owner, can use some of their former powerscontinuous
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