RegionHells Womb
RaceCambion Tragaran
Alignmentlawful neutral
BirthplaceParadomea City
Born4 Kindle 1632

Trixie is lithe of frame, reddish skin, and has a fiendish appearance. She is born from the copulation of a Tragaran and a Succubus. At 5'5", 115 lbs, her most noticeable demon heritage are small bat-like wings. These wings are useful for slowing a descent but not flying. She has over-sized deep green emerald eyes, midnight black hair, and feline-like ears. On their own volition, these ears lower to the sides of her head when she is stalking, crouching, or in an otherwise predatory sense of mind. Her toenails are very hard, like small talons, but her fingernails are soft like those found on Tragarans. Her tongue is forked and of deep red color. Normally, her voice is high-pitched with a breathy quality, yet she can change this considerably to suit the situation. It is one of the gifts of her mother's succubus blood.

Trixie is a Realm Stalker agent. In the Grashakh Front, she was part of a team that did the surveillance that led to the demise of the late emperor of the Orchish Empire, Blac'drugulois.

Chin up, exotic eyes narrowing a bit, bat-wings pulled back in angelic pose, she states, "You know I can't talk about my other missions. If I told you, how could you trust me?" She smiles, switching to a seductive pose, her long eyelashes, a gift of her demon blood, fluttering.

- from the Godspawn Saga

In the Cinazan Front, she was a crew member of the Pillar of Horns. She served as a spy for the ship's captain Raxcvillibus.

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  • bloodstone stud
  • feyweave jumpsuit