Web is an up-scale dwelling in Barun-Mitân. It has a large labyrinth behind its rich exterior. This labyrinth goes into Uradûnê and has a number of exits, the furthest the other side of the mountains, and another a secret passage to the Black Tapestry saloon.

Built by a band of adventurers named the Never Ten, the labyrinth has ten main chambers linked by passages and themselves linking to a central meeting chamber. Any other interior areas or contents are not registered in city records. The place is said to be built by adventurers for adventurers so it is sure to have things beyond the ordinary.

One of the features of the Web is the tattoo golem. If they so choose, this creature puts a Safe Passage tattoo on the people that decide to live in the labyrinth. Without this tattoo, the golems in the place will attack the trespasser. Those that decide not to live inside the labyrinth can live in the posh living quarters of the exterior facing dwelling. This area is a large, magically fortified structure with 15 rooms.

Other than the Safe Entry tattoo, the Tattoos of the Web only work when at least four people have them, and they are all within a mile of each other. The tattoo golem, nicknamed "Ink", offers tattoos whenever the party has completed a great adventure. A book found in the Web said that Ink was a gift to Never Ten by the god Avandra. The task they did for this god has yet to be learned.

The tattoos of the web vary by party. Those that came available to the members of Trauma Squad are listed below.

Tattoos of the Web
Tattoo NameMilestoneEffect
Safe Entrytake ownership of Webno golems will attack when moving through the Web
Silent CommunicationTorazan Sanctumallows communication by sign language in a unique manner
Undead WardAvalêonce per day, can automatically save against one life level draining attack