RaceMinâth (Lich)
TitleExarch of Hulkurân
Alignmentlawful neutral

In the Cinazan Front, this Minâth lich became a double agent, serving the theocratic government of the Khazarkar Empire, and the interests of the Ishtu Irrai.

The general nods, turns about, leaving Set's pawns. He doesn't like taking orders from those far from the front, and from the east.

With the general gone, the exarch looks at the others, "So Tanazarân was right."

Two months ago, Exarch Tanazarân of the frontier stronghold Hulkurân learned from his spies that Neeth-Theen was nearing completion of their Entropy Arch. In a mad dash to stave off what might be disaster for all of Cinazan and possibly the continent, at his own expense and with promises of rich rewards, he formed the Maul Seekers. They are teams sent out to find the weapon said to be the only thing that can break an Entropy Arch.

- from the Godspawn Saga

Serving the interests of the Ishtu Irrai, he steered the Hulkurân Zagar on a path that he hoped would benefit the general populace of the Khazarkar Empire rather than the interests of the Khazarkar theocracy, the Pharzîmrâth. At the time, he was also a well-respected member of the Tarkazgir; a branch of the Khazarkar government serving as religious authorities for an area, and acting as governors. Tanazarân was one of twenty Exarchs spread across Cinazan espousing Set ideals and helping managing the empire.

As the Exarch of the frontier stronghold Hulkurân, he continued to play his role of feeding vital information to the empire's capital. This information sometimes comprised those helping the Ishtu Irrai cause, either directly or indirectly. He once responded to why he didn't do more to save those helping their mutual interests, like delaying information sent back to his others masters, or not sending it at all,

Step back, and see the forest for the trees, the Cinazan Front is only one slice of the Chaos War. There is something bigger going on, and nobody knows what is, including me. That means don't let your emotions cloud your decisions. We need to make sure we are not getting played.

- Tanazarân, to Migarzôn (Malbazân loyalist) - "The Bigger Picture"

In 1832, Hulkurân was sacked by units of the Flux Pact. Tanazarân was killed in this attack. He later revived himself through his phylactery and went looking for the Hulkurân Zagar. They went missing, a product of the person that took over after he died. Tanazarân found their discarded bones, most melted badly from dragon acid. The dragon was convinced to part with the bones or suffer the burning rays of Arcana. He took their bones to Phollûmâ. In this ancient angelic bastion he revived them with a relic that reincarnated them with their minds intact, but with the skills and abilities of a hero soul from Valhalla. The last thing they heard from Tanazarân was the Valhalla Battle Prayer, and with its end, Tanazarân was consumed by holy fire and taken from this world to serve as an angel of Arcana.

Lo, there do I see my father. Lo, there do I see my mother. My sisters and my brothers. Lo, there do I see my people. Back to the beginning. Lo, there do they call to me. And ask me to take my place. In the Halls of Valhalla. Where the brave may live forever.

- Valhalla Battle Prayer

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