Alignmentneutral good
Born9 Bloom 1809

Tangûk Kazanîr was born in the western Khazarkar city Sakarumân. His first name is a Old Khazarkar word for a type of tree that grows in Woad. Long ago, when the khazarkars resided across Gulimbor, the branches of these trees were used to make their highest quality bows.

He served for two years in the Milzôr-Munal, fighting the Horde of Chaos in a great conflict called the Cinazan Front.

In 1832 he joined a Maul Seeker group called Trauma Squad. He was assigned to the group by active campaign plot.

Seeing the remnants of the core group, battered and beaten. I gave a speech that I hoped would help.

"Our sorties out of Hulkurân practically put that storied bastion back on the map. Our demise in Frogheim did not go in vain. It exposed spies across the empire. Then the capture of Okrungknot, and the capture of the spy's ringleader, the Conclave's High Seeker of Relics. We gained great favor with the church, Set of course. Now in ownership of Okrungknot, obviously pushed through the legal system from friends in high places, we now provide security for an area that has long been a thorn in the empire's side. We allow them to focus on the bigger war, while we deal with the fringe elements looking for weaknesses in a wounded nation."

Seeing a glimmer in their eyes, I continued.

"We got their relics, we know the eastern interests will go to any expense to keep us and our golem army guarding their flank. We could also ask our bosses for help. Whoever we ask, we will still be helping both, but will have in a way aligned our side with either the east or west, the Minâth-Nôrî or the Church of Set."

Perhaps concerned with what the witch queen is doing in their inner sanctum, I heard only one response, and that was from the help, with Madbash bellowing, "Who put you in charge?"

- Tangûk, from the Maul Seeker Archives, Hulkurân Zagar Collection - "Out of Geledh"