L a b a n - T i r

Laban-Tîr (in Briar Ring Ceremonial Armor)
Class15th samurai
TitleBriar Ring Avenger
Alignmentlawful neutral
Born2 Lunar 1805
Died15 Hollow 1833

Laban-Tîr is trained as a samurai. She got the name "Blur" for her fast swordplay which is half skill and half from speed blades. She is from the world Kriav and there served as part of elite guard called the Briar Ring. Individually, they are called the Briar Ring Avengers, but as a whole serve as the personal guard of the Steppe Lord Tragmac-Sûn.

One of the tests to enter this circle is to journey to a desolate area of Bal-Kriav called Gestosu. There one must live for a week and kill a powerful ghost, lost spirit, or other powerful undead.

- Laban-Tîr, to Syrtis - "Gestosu Trial"

When this test is successfully completed, the individual receives a suit of +4 Gestosu Chain and has two weapons of their choice enchanted to +4 and given one property. Laban-Tîr chose her heirloom katana and a wakizashi gifted to her by the Prince of Lunin-Rân. She has the speed special power added to each.

In 1833, she was sent on a divine quest by the Church of Atlas. She journeyed to Bal-Kriav and signed on with Trauma Squad, with the goal of proving that the strength of Atlas is alive and will not sit out the great battle that will decide all in Cinazan. She was with this party for only a few days. Perhaps having been tainted by chaos and unfamiliar with the Underdark, she foolishly touched a magical door, which having all the properties of a sphere of annihilation, blew her out of existence.

Notable Gear
  • boots of speed
  • +4 Gestosu Chain
  • +4 katana of speed - "Slice"
  • +4 wakizashi speed - "Dice"