Scion Stump of Lukoon

Typeartifact, minor
ForgeDališar Cauldron
EnchanterNaraz-Nâru, Lukoon
LocationChisel Shinszelmoggit

Gartan was one of the many off-spring of Lukoon. One time when he was with his father, they played cards. The house rule was that no cheating was allowed in the palace; but of course outside of it the modus operand was deception and lies. Gartan was caught cheating and warned by Lukoon, but he continued to cheat, and finally Lukoon grew so angry that he drew his sword and slashed off the hand of Gartan. He then cast it out of the palace where it fell through the clouds and disappeared into Limbo.

The Scion Stump of Lukoon is Gartan's lost hand. This item is a minor artifact. The person seeking to use it must sever their own hand and replace it with Gartan's slender and long finger hand. Once done, it attaches itself and the new owner can use its powers. It increases the chance of rolling a natural 20 or natural 1 by 1, thus a 19 is treated as a 20 and a 2 is treated as a one. Increases luck of the wearer to 18. A creature failing a saving throw is allowed to roll their luck or under a roll of 2d20. If it succeeds they are allowed another saving throw versus the attack.

The item also imbues the creature with the gambling proficiency. The Scion Stump of Lukoon is part of a group of artifacts that when brought together become a legendary artifact called Sig Mak Gan.

Lineage of Lukoon increases Luck to 18 continuous
Gartan's Cheat natural 20 occurs on roll of unmodified 19 or 20, natural 1 results on roll of unmodified 1 or 2 continuous
Gambler gambling proficiency continuous
Bad Blood rotting touch of the hand causes any wood item to rot (Fortitude DC28), this affects up to a standard sized door and occurs over 1-4 days continuous
Twisted Reality failing a saving throw allows the owner to roll their luck or under against 2d20. If it succeeds they are allowed another saving throw versus the attackcontinuous