The Gold Spider

Clockwork Horrors
TypeClockwork Horror (Construct)

The Golden Spider is a mechanical apparatus, powered by magic and clockwork gears. It is in most ways like a gold clockwork horror, yet shows no indication of malevolence. For decades it lay forgotten and hidden in the bowels of Flay's labyrinth Torazan Sanctum. Missing the saw and the turret found on normal gold clockworks, Chisel noted, "it useless on offense and defense, and gets in the way, harmless - striking considering their kind were built to help the primordials tear apart worlds."

In 1832, the Hulkurân Zagar were sent to Torazan Sanctum to find a villain, and more importantly, recover the first relic of three that make-up the Sig Mak Gan. The group also found what they simply referred to as the golden spider. It tagged along with them, not speaking or helping in anyway. After returning to the Web in Barun-Mitân they were to learn that The Gold Spider was the "keys to the city". Conservator Andî of the Neetch Institute, assigned to the matter by the Pharzîmrâth, explained, "the spider unlocks the door to a sealed off areas inside the Geledh Labyrinth."