Syrtis Ved'jusk

Class8th crusader / 6th knight
RaceDiiv Kiir (Tragaran)
TitleLord Sentinel of Dein Gevild
Alignmentlawful neutral
Born7 War March 1807

Syrtis is a son of House Ved'jusk. They along with the Redtails and the Greenfangs, are the top Diiv Kiir families of Scartaris. They are descendants of Tragaran mothers infused with the blood of blue dragons.

Syrtis is a member of an adventuring group called Trauma Squad. When not away on missions of plunder, he serves as the fortress commander of Dein Gevild. This castle is one of the massive fortresses that defend against incursions from the fire giants of Surticon. He still has the title Lord Sentinel of Dein Gevild and all its privileges, but has given command of Dein Gevild to his daughter until his return.