Laat Viing Last Wing

Laat Viing
RegionAerie of Dragons
AliasesLast Wing
MapIizus Yeldah

Laat Viing is a massive crater plunging to a depth of nearly a mile in some parts. This place became the new dragon graveyard after Viing Qeth was inundated.

Those dragons that have grown old in age, come to this place to die. Some of the dragons that expire here are possessed by dragon spirits, whereupon they become dracolich guardians. These undead wyrms must remain as a guardian against grave robbers and trespassers for a period of twenty years or until another dragon guardian replaces them. At any one time there are at least four such guardians patrolling the area. In addition to the undead dragons, there are numerous other monsters of limited or no intelligence living in the area. Any creature deemed untrustworthy or thought to have some intention of looting the place are destroyed by the dracoliches. It is not uncommon for these dracoliches to have a retinue of other undead roaming the area with them.

Much treasure is said to be scattered in underground labyrinths, murky lakes, and the hilly crags of this desolate place. The dracolich guardians, and others, defend this treasure and the bones of the fallen against any who seek to make off with them.