Phar Zîn

Phar Zîn
Class20th anti-paladin
RaceTragaran (Vampire)
TitleSecond Dead
Alignmentchaotic evil
Born19 Brightstar 1545
Undead3 Temporal 1575

Phar Zîn began her ascent to notoriety when she joined the ancient order Radiant Cross. In this undead slaying organization, she specialized in hunting down vampires. She was one of the order's top fighters, utterly despised undead, burning to put down any vampire she got news of. Phar Zîn's hatred of vampires stemmed from losing her father to a Drachlaz Lord. This fanaticism sometimes brought her into conflict with the designs of her leaders. These leaders saw the benefit of having vampire spies. Phar Zîn usually considered her pledge to put down vampires greater than her order's need for using vampires to spy on Ma'Ohari's ever-present vampires.

While serving with the Radiant Cross, for fifteen years she battled Kazzatar's vampires and their minions. She also took voyages to Brucrumus to eliminate particularly problematic vampires. She ended up becoming the thing she despised when captured by the vampire Azalea. This ancient vampire turned her into a vampire and then imprisoned her in the dungeons of Phanaca. She was left in a near-starved state for most of this time. When her will was sufficiently broken, Azalea sent Phar back to Ma'Ohari with orders to establish a Vith Alok cell.

Phar Zîn heads the Vith Alok cell Sos Vith, or Blood Serpent.

Late in the Third Epoch, she took on another leadership role as the one of the dark leaders that make up the Second Dead Council. Her reasons for joining the Black Tide were to counter the increased threat posed by Ba'lith under Emperor Raxcvillibus.