Zii Horvutah Spirit Trap

Typedagger, Cairn Scythe

Zii Horvutah daggers were first created by members of Vith Alok as a way to harness the latent energy of souls. They are made to help fuel the creation of a dracolich from the soul of a dying dragon that may not be strong enough to survive the processing of turning a living dragon into a dracolich. The soul sucking ability of a Zii Horvutah classifies it as a Cairn Scythe.

These daggers are always vile weapons, and usually enchanted to +3.

Soul Devour upon killing, the victim must make a Will DC20 or have their soul sucked into the dagger. The wielder can gain temporary hit points to the level of the victim which lasts 1 day or they can use the soul energy to help power the ritual for making a dracolichcontinuous
Vile Damage scores an additional point of vile damage per hitcontinuous
Animate Deadas the spell Animate Dead1/day