Dark Nature

Dark Nature Forest
Typedruidic lore

Dark Nature is a term used in several ways. It refers to druidic magic that is evil in nature. Blighters, a type of druid, use this dark nature magic. Dark Nature also refers to forests that have been corrupted by evil. Some places that have become Dark Nature areas are Fethath, Maegorion, Maar Gosvah, and Emeldimir's three blighted forests, the Arirmarg, Gambriath and the Vaharmane.

Dark Nature is a product of dark nature energy; a mix of nature energy and evil energy. Its use led to the creation of creatures like the twig blights, night twists, and other plants of evil disposition.

The Decay Conclave are masters of dark nature magic. One of the strongest sources of Dark Nature is a relic called Tarfilerquar. This item led to what the Nature Protectorates call the Dark Timber Migration.

The largest concentration of dark nature practitioners are found in Grern. Theories abound for this, yet the most plausible is that they have been tainted from the otherworldly waters spilling down from Iringrith.

Those seeking to cast dark nature spells must pray to Melrith. She is the only god that has access to dark nature energy. One of her strongest spells is Melriths Flowerpot.