Ent Stones

RegionHigh wood Country

The Ent Stones are petrified trees behind the walls of Nelrenael. They hold records of druidic history pertaining to the Nature Protectortes and the observations of Aredhel spanning the period from when she became a Heirophant to just before ascending to godhood. The writings span 23 petrified trees which have a history themselves. Each of these trees was a treant that fell to darkness, with some turning into dark treant, undead treant, or some other malevolent type. When they were tracked down, they were petrified, broke up into pieces and shipped back to Nelrenael to be put back together. Aredhel then used the latent energies still in the petrified treants to bind magical writing.

No complete volume of information has been produced from an Ent Stone because the druids try their best to keep their doings a secret. They have even went on missions to punish those who have made it to the Ent Stone and made off with copied writings.

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