RegionLands of Purity, Onvorn
Built5 Brighstar 1941 DE

Tara-Har is a mammoth crater in Adellum's northwestern reaches, on the very western edge of the ever-expanding Sinarag wetlands. The crater mouth, 30 miles wide and 18 miles north to south, plummets 2,000' into a crater lake. Sinarag's brackish water plunges into this deep lake from hundreds of waterfalls. Built in the Dawn Era, Tara-Har was put in place as a containment measure for the Radullu Creep. It serves as an instrument of equilibrium, drawing in such volumes of water that lands east would have become like the Troll Bogs. Somewhere in the lake, beyond waters darkened with magic, Tara-Har conceals a hidden rift. This inter-system rift shunts water and alien vegetation back to the world Throndar, completing the circuit that started at the Radullu Rift.

Tara-Har's lake has four tunnels leading into Underdark sector Igreshand. Three of these are watery passages that merge to become the headwaters of the Black Spiral. This Underdark river serves as a trade route between the surface and the Underdark region Onvorn. These tunnels were made in the Second Epoch. The Farinteen Empire, against advisement and threats by the Nature Protectorates, built them as a trade routes with the peoples along the shores of the Ebonmurk. The threat of the land's greatest druids did not deter the dig. The Nature Protectorates decided to work with Farinteen's engineers, making sure that their work did not undermine the reasons for creating the crater.

In the Athenian Crusade (1539 - 1551), rather than losing one of their most powerful and sinister weapons, troops of the Black Tide dumped a Squealer of the Abyss into Tara-Har's crater lake. Even with waters magically darkened, divers went looking for it. Dozens went down, most concluding that fell into the lake's mysterious hidden rift, and now rests mired on another world.

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