Elemental Ring Worlds

Focuselemental energies
Builtvaries by planet

On the edge of the seemingly infinite expanse of Chaos are worlds that were built to produce the armies that would serve the primordials in the Creation War. They were made as worlds because this was the only way to make lifeforms that were versatile in many things rather than a few set tasks like what is only available to lifeforms created in Chaos. These worlds are where the primordials advanced upon base elementals, creating the chaos archons.

These worlds, on the edge of Chaos, were at one time heavily influenced by the chaotic energies coming out of the heart of the universe. After the God Era, these worlds became the home of some primordials that gave up their old ways, instead adopting the ways of those they were fighting. They sought to become a Higher Power, becoming a being that gets its status and power from worshipers rather than the old way of using the energies of Chaos.

World NameFocus
Cresting SpiresEntropic, Water
FimbulwinterEntropic, Cold, Water
GranitoidEntropic, Earth
MuspelheimNegative Entropy, Fire, Air
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