Mud Flow

Created22 Artifice 1687

The Mud Flow begins at the Togomud Sink. It is a river of earth, sand, mud and rock pouring out of the Ogremoch Mesa. Over two centuries it has filled in the land around it. It is slowly adding to the landmass of the region, filling in the northern coasts with the stuff of an alien world. It is part of the Brownlands; areas terraformed by the Togomud Sink and the Earth Callers.

The Mud Flow has stopped the flow of several rivers and many streams, redirecting them in other directions. The largest of these was the Sap river. This was the first river that the Mud Flow swallowed, forcing the river back towards Waloom.

Mud Flow is a tributary of The Earthen - a fluid-like body of mud, sand, and rock that flows throughout the world Granitoid.

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