Chaos Ruins

Erchinor, causality of the Chaos War
Typechaos lore

Chaos ruins are areas that have been chaos infused with energy from Chaos. In the Cinazn Front, the cities Hareldocáno, Erchinor, and Sakarumân were warped by the passing of the 1st Horde of Chaos. The valley of Frinnir was also ravaged. In the cities, streets shifted, with some ending against a building, or stacked in piles of rubble, while others were seen floating in the area as debris field. The buildings suffered the same fate, with some floating about as earth motes. There are also unusual eddies of air, water flowing in the opposite direction, and many other anomalies that one would expect from Chaos.

One of the oldest chaos ruins is Bor. It became chaos infused after an earthquake weakened the wards and seals protecting the labs underneath the city.

Once an area has been warped with chaos, there is nothing that can be done to revert it back. Sages assert that time or some powerful relic of law may be the only things that could bring stability to a chaos ruin.