Gnemdos Trade Network


Formulated in the Lith-Crillion Era by the Gnemdosians, this trade agreement, perhaps the longest still functioning, provided rules on security, transfer zones of responsibility, and fairness whereby the great goal was that all would benefit, perhaps not always equally, but with enough that it kept conflict down and increased the prosperity of the agreement's signatories.

One example of bringing others into the fold, is when a potential trading party is too far away to be profitable. Members of the Gnemdos Trade Network will work and pay for a way to bring them in. The funding and strategies for these types of efforts comes from a general treasury and staff, and the long-term thinking of all this goes back to the founders of the GTN.

One of the more interesting aspects of the GTN is its founders. They were earth archons left behind from the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE). Sitting on millions of gems, stuff leftover from primordial war caches, they turned to cultivating relations with the peoples around them. Some said they were doing good, working off the stain of how many viewed the Primordials and their former elemental minions. Practically ageless, these Gnemdosians were long-term planners, patient, sparing the expense and time to build up a trade network spanning regions near and far, building a mercantile apparatus touching the surface and linked down to deeper Subterranean Tiers.

A few of the GTN trade routes:

Holy Burden

On this trade route, Tears of Achamâz are transported across the Heliotrope Sea to Phure-Zil. At this city, these "holy blocks" go up Yeenoghus Spittoon and then south to be used in the great holds, temples, and shrines of the Divine Empire and the country of Malacost.

Witches Climb

This trade route begins where the Vuzaras Oven enters the waters of the Heliotrope Sea. Paths cut into the slopes of this volcano go up where at the sea's cavern roof, they enter a tunnel that continues to the surface. Once on the surface, trade is done with the giants and other peoples of Fros Idar.
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