Soul Gathering Systems

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Soul Gathering Systems are where the souls go in the afterlife. They are the absolute aligned systems as opposed to systems with a Focus other than souls, like Fimbulwinter, a Focus for Chaos, Cold, and Water.

Capturing soul energy is important to those that have power in the Soul Gathering Systems. It is how Higher Powers maintain their population and security. This is because mortals are the only source for new souls, a natural birth on a mortal world creates a new soul, but on a non-mortal world, the soul comes from some mortal who just died.

Absolute Aligned Systems
AbyssChaotic Evilchaotic evil souls
ArboreaChaotic Goodchaotic good souls
ElysiumNeutral Goodneutral good souls
EquipoiseNeutralneutral souls
Gray WasteNeutral Evilneutral evil souls
HellsLawful Evillawful evil souls
LimboChaotic Neutralchaotic neutral souls
NawenglorûsLawful Goodlawful good souls
NirvanaLawful Neutrallawful neutral souls