Typeschool of study

The study of necromancy, since its beginnings with the soul-devouring Maen Grirngrim, has been stigmatized as inherently evil. Maen Grirngrim, the Father of Necromancy, gave it a bad rap, wrecking havoc on both sides of the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), making undead, stealing souls, and exchanging the glow of Life Energy for the void-like darkness of Negative Energy.

They go in with good intent, hoping to find an edge against the seemingly endless legions of the primordials. Eventually they dig deeper into the Art of Necromancy, getting hooked on the potential power of raising legions from the dead.

You have to admire Maen Grirngrim in a way, his writings both teach and enrapture the reader. The old Covenant and now our own is replete with angelic hearts delving into his writings, then years, decades, and centuries later, no longer of the same morality, hooked on the raw power of negative energy.

- Kebechet, from her book Siren's Musings - "Necromancy Hook"

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