Beasts of Ditherra

Necrothane - Beast of Ditherra
Typedivine lore

Ditherra was an angel of the Golden Seven. One of her areas of expertise was combating undead. She forged magic items that were devastating to undead and created special creatures that take a particular delight in hunting them down and utterly destroying them, like gravecrawlers, rot reavers, and necrothanes.

When gods of death become a Lesser Power, they acquire the power to divulge information on creating and summoning the Beasts of Ditherra. Bane to undead, these creatures are actively hunted by the Cult of Worms and groups serving the Black Tide of Thasmudyan. The gods of death, those with Death Domain, that can divulge summoning spells and creation magic for the Beasts of Ditherra are Hades and Kebechet.