Beneath the glacial valley of Khalas are hundreds of miles of tunnels. These were built by both the Azwyr Amoruk and the dwarves of Malad-Mîn and Brisingr. Near the heart of these tunnels is a vast maze-like crypt called Arakkhalgam. This place was built by the Azwyr Amoruk to hold their dead kings. It was not built for ceremony or to pay respects to their dead sovereigns. Arakkhalgam was built to keep them in. When a Azwyr Amoruk king dies, he is cursed to become a very powerful ghost that hungers for the souls of his former subjects. The Azwyr Amoruk claim that this curse befell them when they left the Abyss. Sages claim that Demogorgon was the one who put it on them. Ancient demon lore says that Demogorgon once held sway over a large slave population of Azwyr Amoruk. When they rebelled, they fled his realm for Bal-Kriav. The abyssal lord shattered a holy artifact and used its power to evoke a powerful curse on his former subjects.

Arakkhalgam is enormous, covering the area of a very large city. Work begun on the place after the Azwyr Amoruk found a long forgotten chest containing Thyrms Blueprints. The Azwyr Amoruk have been building and adding to this place for thousands of years. The crypt is vault-like and has a maze of tunnels and chambers surrounding it. The place is built to keep something in, rather than to keep out looters. Many of a crypt's tunnels are connected with those of a nearby crypt of another ghost king.

The ghost kings haunting Arakkhalgam are collectively called the Mulinburam. There are dozens of these ghost kings haunting the place. They menace the living and have a special hatred for the Azwyr Amoruk.

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