Sea of Mourning

Climatesub-tropical to tropical

The Sea of Mourning is sited between Hells Womb and the Aerie of Dragons to the north, and Ma'Ohari to the south. The Buccaneer Archipelago is the western border of this sea. Travelling farther west, seafarers enter the Pearl Sea. The foreboding region of Necrocrypt is the largest group of islands of the Sea of Mourning.

The sea gets its name for the tragedy of Gulimbor. During the Great Exodus (998 - 1017) of refugees from this region, many ships were lost to storms, attacks by pirates, sea serpents, undersea races, and other calamities. Some put the number of ship losses at well over 100 and the loss of life at about 15,000 Tragarans, 10,000 Khazarkars, including those lost in battles with the Ivory Asylum, and several thousand Kriavian Elves.

The Sea of Mourning has much sea traffic with trade, war, and pirating. Many great empires dwell on the coasts overlooking this sea; Black Tide of Thasmudyan, Paradomea, Council of Bile, Tári Súrion, Oathundor, to name just a few.

Beneath the waves of the Sea of Mourning are many undersea city-states and empires. An ancient empire of the merfolk, Tuc'hoom, is near the Buccaneer Archipelago. In the deeps near this empire is T'kyr - an evil sahuagin city-state.

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