Temporal Zephyr

LocationHells Womb
Typeunnatural temperature zone

The Temporal Zephyr is an abnormal wind that begins at the inter-system rift Caina Nexus. Chilling winds flow from this gateway and southward through the valleys and deep gorges of the Gelugon Range. The winds then shift east, guided by the landscape across Hells Womb. The path is generally from the walls of the Aspungad to Mortoth. In these plains the wind collides with the southerly winds coming down from Dragon Wall. As a result the plains of Mortoth have numerous tornadoes and very stormy weather. The Temporal Zephyr causes unusual weather patterns across Hells Womb. Due to this wind the region south of it is hot and muggy, with tropical conditions near the coasts. North of the wind, the region is temperate with an occasional chill and snow in the summer.

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