Gelugon Range

Warden of Aspungad, perched in the Gelugon Range
RegionHells Womb, Lands of Purity
MapGelugon Range

Gelugon Range is a very cold, windy mountain range separating Hells Womb from the Lands of Purity to the west. It is capped in north by the highland plateau forest of Laucentar.

This mountain area, cut by great glaciers has an unnatural chilling wind that begins at Caina Nexus. This rift, a gateway to the faraway world Caina, keeps the most of the Gelugon Range in negative temperatures in all but the hottest of months; Brightstar and Saunas. All this cold makes the area a fitting home for frost giants, yeti, remorhaz, frost wolves, and other icy brutes. The most numerous creatures of the area are ice mephits and ice trolls. Of devil heritage, their fore-bearers hailed came across the rift long ago. They became stranded in this area after the rift stabilized. This stabilization made it so mortals can pass freely from Bal-Kriav to Caina and back, while those on the other side cannot enter unless they happen to be from the Mortal Systems.

Gelugon Range has a vast quantity of tin and iron. The iron near Chemosh's darkened glacial flows, changes over time. It becomes tainted by the energies bleeding across the rift, begins to radiate traces of evil and negative entropy, eventually turning it the metal Tantulhor.

The Council of Bile has mines and outposts in the area's southern parts. Getting to these requires strong escorts. There have been encounters with devils. These fiends are either remnants of a time long ago when Caina Nexus was unstable, or possibly have found a way through the gateway. The fortress of Aspungad and their elite order of dragon riding knights, the Wardens of Aspungad, patrol areas under Bile control.