RegionClans, High Wood Country
MapGwaellurth Forest

Gwaellurth is an evergreen forest along the highlands of the northeastern Ghaks. It begins at the edge of Tulandur. It stretches north and west through the Iruk valley and then bends northwest along the northern side of the Gakhs. It continues into the Clans, ending at the Tunzâr river. This forest has long been contested, a battlefield for disputes between the Rúmil and the Fargimdal.

In the Third Gwaellurth War (1670 - 1685), a mortal hero named Aredhel died alongside thousands of others. When she breathed her last, she ascended to godhood. Gwaellurth was divinely blessed. This blessing took the form of a powerful regrowth magic that happens every month. Trees and vegetation, unnaturally felled or destroyed, regrow back in a matter of weeks. As a result, Fargimdal's lumber companies acquired a replenishing resource of timber, and one less reason for conflict with their neighbors.

Notable Areas