Articles of the Four Peoples

AuthorMalacost, and many others

In the Second Epoch, the Farinteen Empire was pushing north, and east along the shores of the Galathien Sea. This was largely a peaceful affair, with only minor problems caused by Farinteen's sometimes overzealous faithful; most notably those of Athena. The Articles of the Four Peoples became an agreement between the Farinteen Empire, a largely Tragaran nation, the Forstneblin of Voruner, the dwarves of Bokgruma, and Galadriël's elves. The Articles were general laws, fair trade recommendations, religious tolerance and rules for a freer flow of people. They were high-level, with the hope of not impinging too much on a nation's culture and laws. They were good enough that the parties benefited greatly from trade and exchange of ideas.

The Athenian Crusade (1539 - 1551), brought the parties of the Articles into much closer relations, with units of the multi-racial armies camping and even sharing tents with units of another nation's army, and peoples moving about to distant towns, villages and fortifications in support of the war effort. A Tragaran named Malacost, a greater thinker of the time, put forth the idea that the Articles of the Four Peoples serve as the founding principles for a federation with a common defense, common laws, and general unity of the races; the latter being those member states of the Holy Quinary. Of these, Voruner, Bokgruma, and the Tragaran cities Phanax, Milithian, and Iglutt became the states of the Country of Malacost. The other parties of the Holy Quinary returned home, the people of Maharâg, long under the spell of Katrana, returned to their mountain of power, trading and helping those around when it was in their best interests. The elven armies returned to a revived Galadriel Kingdom, and As'lumix's Gimrune to their cliff dwellings overlooking the Galathien Sea.