Zarrek Lukko

Zarrek reading the Tome of Merioss
RegionLands of Purity
Class28th wizard (conjurer)
TitleHeadmaster of the Arch-Mages of Merioss
Born1 Hollow 1439

Zarrek Lukko was a member of the Golden Elite. He was a commander within the Shields of Iraktharbhun and later became an esteemed senator for Milithian.

He dwells on the Isle of the Eternals and protects the ancient buildings of the Arch-Mages of Merioss.

When the Golden Elite entered the fabled Pyramid of Life, Zarrek had a premonition of a great battle in the near future. He wondered if this would be a titanic struggle where the armies of good faced the villainous horde of butchers and undead harvesters carrying the grandiose title of Black Tide of Thasmudyan. A name that pleased the vanity of Thasmudyan, yet did not tell of the true make-up of the Black Tide, an empire fattened from conquest and loot, held together only by the endless thirst for greed. This theory first proclaimed by me in the Year 1460, when I was little over 20, was scoffed at and whispered in mirth among the battle commanders of the Lances of Merioss. In later years this theory proved true, when the Black Tide was defeated in the Artery War (1546 - 1554).

Yet this was not the truth of my premonition. A titanic battle did occur, but on a far smaller scale, we were but fleas in the great game of the gods. In another grand adventure of the Golden Elite, or should I say personal crusade of Galtrag, a tale some call Went To Save the World, Only To Save Our Hides.

Deep in the Pyramid of Life, nestled in the endless dunes of the Sands of Hell, we met up with Queen Dras'ee and her insect guardian Crick. The battle with the lich's minions was going our way, and seemed to be won, when leaping into the fray was the auhtai Crick, swinging into Galtrag with a frenzy of masterly blows, his blades of finest arjale cutting deep into the paladin.

My friend was outmatched, little could we do, Himril engaged with a behemoth undead beetle, me faced with the mighty magical energies of Queen Dras'ee, our halfling friend chased by a swarm of driders. Each fell in succession, death was quick for Galtrag, Himril suffered the terrible fate of being disemboweled by the beetle, the most cruel fate fell on the halfling, suffering the loss of legs and arms, heart still pounding, wails of agony that I still hear some nights in my sleep, a terrible site, surely he died too, for I did not wait around to see my death in this accursed pyramid. A teleport contingency spell brought me out of harm's way, taking me back to my chambers at Thequas.

My lesson to you, be cautious of a premonition, like the future, it is cloaked in mystery.

- Zarrek Lukko, "Premonitions, Both True"